Amazing Mixture Of Baking Soda And Castor Oil That Will Solve 24 Problems And More!

Castor oil finds great application in the treatment of numerous ailments. Many would agree that castor oil works better than pharmaceutical solutions. It’s a common traditional remedy, and ancient civilizations have used it to treat various problems.

We give you 24 amazing uses of castor oil and baking soda:

It’s efficient in treating pilonidal cysts

Castor oil is more powerful than conventional eye drops when it comes to treating cataract

Apply a thick layer on sprained ankles, and let it work overnight.

When combined with baking soda it lightens age spots

Castor oil coatings relieve diarrhea

It’s efficient in the treatment of hepatitis

Castor oil soothes swellings and beestings

It accelerates the healing of cuts, bruises and wounds

Apply castor oil on your neck area to treat hoarseness and vocal cord issues/nodules

Pregnant women should massage their stomach in the last two months of their pregnancy to prevent stretch marks

Rub castor oil onto your eyelids to prevent allergies

Put a few drops of castor in your ear to treat hearing issues

Take 5 drops of castor oil every morning to relieve allergy symptoms

Castor oil coatings treat fungal infections (especially on the feet)

Use 6-8 drops of castor oil every day for 4 months to treat tinnitus

Massage your soles with castor oil to remove calcium deposits

Use a few drops of castor oil every day to “soothe” nicotine and alcohol addiction

Castor oil coatings relieve back pain

Apply castor oil on your warts to remove them

Castor oil coatings will help you stop snoring

When applied on the stomach, castor oil coatings treat hyperactivity

Combine castor oil and baking soda to treat skin cancer

Rub castor oil on your moles to get rid of them

Massage your scalp with castor oil before your shower to boost hair growth

Castor oil coatings

First, clean the skin area with baking soda solution. Soak your sterile gauze in warm castor oil, and apply it on the affected area. Cover with foil, and carefully place a bottle filled with hot water atop the compress. Wrap everything with a towel, and let the oil do its job for an hour. Repeat this every day.



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