Grow An Avocado Tree In Your Own Garden Pot. Plus A Tutorial Is Included!

Avocados are extremely healthy fruits, with a delicious taste and pear-like shape. This nutritious fruit tends to be seasonal so the cold weather and the frost can easily destroy it.

If you like avocado salads or guacamoles, it would be wise to learn how to grow trees from the avocado core!

  1. Take away the seeds

Cut the fruit lengthwise, take the seed out of it, and clean it from the remains of the fruit. Do not remove the brown coating of the core, as it protects the seeds. You can place it in a bowl of water for a few minutes and then wash it off.

  1. Use toothpicks to pierce it

One end of the seed is pointier, so it would be the sprouting end and the flat end will serve as a new root system. Pierce the seed with a few toothpicks from the sides, which will keep the seed in place as the tree grows.

  1. Put the seed in a glass of water

The seed should be put in a tall glass with the bottom end. Fill the glass with water to submerge the seed to its half.

  1. Sprouting

Put the glass in a sunny spot, and change the water every few days to protect the seed from bacteria. Be gentle, as the roots of the avocado are still fragile and might break.

After 2-3 weeks, the seed will start sprouting, and wait for three more weeks, when it will be 5-6 inches high, and plant it.

  1. Planting

Fill a large flowerpot up with soil, make a small depression in the soil, and put the seed in it. Be very careful not to break the roots. Note that the top of the seed should not be covered by the soil. Water the soil to ensure its quality and wait for your avocado tree to show up soon!

  1. Care for the avocado tree

Water the tree on a daily basis in the next weeks, and prune it as soon as it reaches 6-7 inches, trim it to boost its growth. To keep it healthy, after the first year, fertilize it twice annually.



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