This Painkiller Is as Effective As Morphine and Is Probably Growing In Your Backyard

Millions of people deal with pain on a daily basis, and according to Big Pharma, the only way to alleviate it is by using their dangerous expensive products.

Yet, they this is so untrue! Mother Nature has provided numerous pain-relieving herbs and plants, which are far more effective than toxic painkillers.

Wild lettuce is one of the most powerful natural painkillers, and it might already grow in your yard!

This tall leafy plant, also known as “opium lettuce” or “bitter lettuce”, has small yellow buds, and a white milk-like substance called lactucarium, which relieves pain just like morphine.

It is a highly effective remedy for nerve injuries, surgical pain, as well as coughs, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, and asthma.

Make sure you watch out the following video and learn about the miraculous effects of this natural remedy:



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