Press These Meridian-Line Points on Your Body If You’re Feeling Sick or Tired

Exaggerated fatigue can cause a handful of complications, ultimately leading to a disease known to the medical world as chronic fatigue syndrome.

The root of this type of fatigue is still inexplicable, but medical experts managed to discover that resting, as you do in other cases of fatigue, won’t do the trick this time around.

At the moment, no definitive cure for fatigue has been found, but many are certain it oftentimes derives as a result of various factors such as viral infections, immune system issues or hormonal imbalances.

There is an array of symptoms that determine chronic fatigue, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of memory or poor concentration
  • Sore throat
  • Lymph nodes enlargement, especially in the neck or armpits
  • Undefined muscle pain
  • Moving joint pain, with no inflammation or redness
  • Uncommon headaches out of the blue
  • Restless sleep
  • Unusual depression
  • Exhaustion after exercising and/or experiencing mental stress

How to treating chronic fatigue with Meridian Lines

Meridian lines derive from the traditional\ Chinese medicine and all also referred to as energy highways” or “energy pathways.” These lines host “Qi” (chee) energy flows, which works marvels for the body.

Meridians can be easily tracked and stimulated with a simple acupuncture session.

According to the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, the “meridian” is the body’s overall energy distribution process and, “helps us to understand how basic substances of the body (Qi, blood and body fluids) permeate the whole body.”

By stimulating these zones, the Chinese were able to get rid of chronic fatigue with ease and very little effort.

Fatigue and the Triple Warmer

As per the Ancient Chinese Medicine of meridian lines, the energy stream, located behind the ear (aka “Triple Burner Meridian” or “Triple Warmer”) is often related to depression and chronic fatigue.

This energy is in charge of keeping all hormone glands in balance, and takes care of proper hormone distribution across the body.

In case these warmers are over-energized, the body will draw energy from the immunity, causing severe problems, much like chronic fatigue syndrome itself.

Although you can always consult your doctor about it, this is something you can try at your own home.

  1. Option One:

Place left hand fingers just under your left knee. In the meantime, hold right fingers just above the left elbow. This is when you ought to feel a more intense pulse.

In due time, the two different pulses will start beating at the same time, which is your cue of a job well done. In case you don’t feel pulses, hold the zones for a few more minutes.

Proceed with the pose onto the right side of the body and hold until pulsing evens out, which is around 2 minutes.

  1. Option Two:

Place left fingers at the indent on the outer side of your left baby toe. While doing this, place your right fingers at the point between the base knuckles on the left hand, just between the pinky and ring finger. Hold points for two minutes, or until you feel even pulsing.

Switch sides and repeat the process.

Although this technique could help with your chronic migraines, it is crucial that you realize other factors can affect the disease as well. This normally include poor nutrition, lack of exercise and sleep and overall poor quality of life.



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