The Best 10+ Breakfast Recipes That Can Help You Lose Weight

There is no doubt that the breakfast is the most important daily meal, as it promotes overall health, provides body energy for the entire day, and helps weight loss.

Therefore, we recommend the following 16 ideas for morning meals which are full of proteins, fibers, and proteins:

Avocado egg bake

This meal is high in fibers, proteins, and omega 3, and low in sugar.

Veggies with roasted egg

Add eggs to your veggies and you will have a perfect start of the day!

Coconut and berry

This bar will supply your body with 20% of the recommended daily fiber doses, as well as high amounts of iron and only 200 calories.

Salmon and asparagus

This health bomb is very low in calories but has over 10g protein.

Overnight oat

Treat the bloating by leaving the oat to soak overnight and consume them in the morning.

Apple cinnamon quinoa

Add yogurt, apples, almonds, and cinnamon to the quinoa, and you will provide the needed protein and fibers.

Paleo bowl

This recipe has only 335 calories and is rich in proteins and omega 3. You will prepare it for 10 minutes and it will provide energy for the entire day.

Chia gingerbread mash

The chia mash pudding is an incredibly healthy meal, which will prevent food cravings, and help you lose weight.

Egg white frittata

Prepare a delicious breakfast which is low in calories by combining whites, feta, spinach, onion, and peppers.

Thyme, garlic, quinoa and egg

Bake this meal in the evening, so you can have it early in the morning. This meal is rich in calcium and it will boost your energy.

Fruit and cottage cheese

Mix 4 oz cottage cheese, which contains 14 g protein and 81 calories, and mix it with berries and fruits.

Low carb hotcake

Mix almond meal and flax seed, and you will get a healthy meal which is full of protein and fiber.

Tofu scramble, southwest version

You should add onion, cilantro, cumin, peppers, and coriander, and keep it in the fridge up to a few days.

Cantaloupe and yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of proteins, so you can mix it with fruits, oats, and granolas.

Avocado and hard boiled egg

This is an excellent meal high in protein and fiber, and free of gluten.

Banana, almond, strawberry, and yogurt

Mix these ingredients in a blender, and you will get a smoothie which has 350 calories and 15g protein.



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