Best 60 Minute Punch Bag Workout for Beginners and Advanced (Video Demonstration)

A male and female boxer side by side with text showing, "punch bag workout".

This is the best punch bag workout on the internet.

You can do this workout with any bag except a speed bag/double end bag.

If you don’t have a punching bag, you can pretend you have one and shadowbox instead.


Let’s jump into it…

Note: This workout is meant for boxing only but you can feel free to add your own strikes/kicks.


A quick 10-minute warm-up before you hit the punch bag is essential because it decreases your chances of getting injured and prepares you mentally and physically for what’s to come[1].

Step 1. Start by finding a space about a meter away from any object.

Step 2. If you have a skipping rope, start skipping or shadow box if not.

Step 3. Keep going for 10-minutes, then get those gloves and dive into your punch bag workout.

Full Punching Bag Workout


  • 10 rounds
  • 3 minutes per round
  • 1-minute rest in between each round
  • Imagine as if your opponent is the punching bag (i.e. remember to move)

Disclaimer: Pushing yourself is good, but if you are suffering from an injury or you feel a sharp pain at any point during the workout. Stop and speak to a medical professional.

Video version:

Credit to Jason from Precision Striking

Text version:

Round 1. Starting Off With the Jab

Only throw jabs in this round. Move around the heavy bag. Throw single, double, and triple jabs at fast speeds as you can see in the video above.

Move both your feet and your head before, between, and after every jab.

Round 2. Southpaw

Stand in the opposite stance to how you normally would and throw all of the punches you can (jab, right, hook, uppercut).

Fighting in the opposite stance to what you’re used to is hard but… a very important skill that many great professionals include in their arsenal. Also:

When I spoke to my physiotherapist last year, he said every sportsman or woman should always switch their stance (whether that’s in badminton, cricket, hockey, or boxing) as it is best for our body’s alignment and muscle distribution.

Besides… you’re never going to know when you need to switch stance if you’re competing.

Round 3. Focus on Head Movement

Deliberately focus on moving your head after everything you throw.

Moving your head is a habit which many amateurs fail to get right.

Is it easier to shoot a moving target or a target that is standing still? You guessed it, move that head!

Round 4, 5, and 6. Turn It Up to Fighting Pace

For these next three rounds, imagine as though you’re fighting your favorite fighter.

Go all out! Move that head, dodge those hooks, pivot to create angles, keep your footwork active, and engage your opponent!

Round 7. Defending on the Back Foot

This round is all about defense. Imagine as though you’re up in the scorecard and you’re coming close to winning.

Keep moving on the outside.

Keep circling your opponent both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Move-in and out quickly and pick your shots carefully.

Take caution and keep winning!

Round 8. Speed up Those Hands

Think punching volume.

Throw quick, short punches so that your opponent can’t see your punches coming.

Stay nice and loose. Allow your mind to be free and let the hands go.

Keep your flow and composure. Do some damage.

Round 9. Power Up Those Shots Now

Bend your knees, get in range, and rotate your ankles, hips, and upper torso into the punch for maximum punching power.

Think to yourself: I’m going to knock this punching bag out!

Round 10. Finish by Working the Inside

Stand up close to the bag now (one foot away).

Turn the bag, keep slipping, throwing powerful hooks and uppercuts.

Create angles to the side and stay busy.


Now it’s time for the cooldown.

The reason why we do a cool down after a workout is because it allows for a slow decrease in your heart which will prevent you from feeling dizzy or faint[1]. Here are three cooldown exercises to choose from:

  1. Lightly jog in the spot for 5 minutes
  2. Static stretch from neck to toe with these exercises
  3. Get a skipping rope and skip for 5 minutes

Well done! You’ve completed your workout. Drink plenty of water and congratulate yourself for becoming a fitter and better fighter. Leave a comment below if you found this helpful or have a question.

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